Mediven Ulcer Kit

‘double layer compression stocking with 40 mmHg for the treatment of venous leg ulcers’

Product benefits
Treatment for venous leg ulcers demands a clever treatment concept. Your venous leg ulcer can be treated with the mediven ulcer kit. The ulcer kit consists of two stockings that are worn over each other: mediven ulcer and mediven ulcer plus. The incorporation of elemental silver promotes wound healing and has an antibacterial effect. Compression at the ankle of 20 mmHg. Inspection opening on the sole of the foot. Yarn coated with elemental silver, which acts against all known pathogenic micro-organisms, binds odors and rules out pathogenic micro-organism resistance. Colour marking knitted-in at the instep/heel region for exact positioning of heel. Soft upper cuff. Universal length (up to 44 cm calf length).

• Venous leg ulcer.
• Ulcer-stadium because of signs of inflammation.
• Chronic-venous insufficiency stadium III: Acute phase resp. CEAP Classification C5, C6.

Material components
Mediven Ulcer:
polyamide 71%, elastane 28%, silver 1%
Mediven Ulcer Plus:
polyamide 75%, elastane 25%