Mediven Travel

‘for men’

Product benefits
Medi Travel men socks are made of particularly soft, antistatic material with a reinforced sole for comfort in wear. The socks are available in the colour black with closed toes and an attractive ribbed look and are no different in appearance to a normal man’s sock.

‘for women’

Product benefits
Medi Travel women stockings are popular because of their soft cuff and the Clima Fresh technology. They are available in the colour powder, closed toe and are no different in appearance to semi-transparent sheer stockings.

How does it work?/Mode of action:
• The lack of physical exercise during a journey exerts constant high pressure on the venous system.
• The venous valves no longer close perfectly and the blood circulation slows down.
• The legs become heavy and tired – in the worst case, traveler’s thrombosis may develop.
• Medi Travel socks have been specially developed to keep the veins in shape during long periods of sitting or standing.
• They support the natural blood circulation, so the blood flows back to the heart against gravity instead of pooling in the legs.

Material components
Men Travel Stockings
10% elastane, 90% polyamide
Women Travel Stockings
25% elastane, 75% polyamide