Mediven Plus

‘the reliable gold-standard stocking’

Product benefits
Mediven Plus has established itself as a reliable choice for numerous indications over a period of more than 40 years, and it just got better. With its additional plus points and reliability for him and her it will ensure that you continue to enjoy a good quality of life. Mediven Plus is suitable for a wide range of activities. Very hard-wearing and opaque look. Antibacterial effect along the whole leg with Clima Fresh. Optimum fit due to the new Plus heel, optimised toe, ribbed sole reinforcement and 5 cm broad cuff. Particularly recommended for sensitive and large thighs. Maxi panty top as standard variant. Very good skin tolerability, even for sensitive skin.
Standard with open toe – closed toe is a special order.

Below knee stocking
Thigh length stocking
Thigh with Waist Attachment
Maternity pantyhose
One Legged Pantyhose
Men’s Leotard

• After sclerotherapy/surgery.
• Varicosis in pregnancy with tendency for slight to severe oedema.
• Inflammatory venous disease (superficial thrombophlebitis, varicophlebitis) with tendency for slight to moderate oedema.
• Thrombosis prophylaxis for mobile patients.
• Primary and secondary varicosis with a slight to severe tendency for oedema.
• Chronic venous insufficiency stage 1 – 3 with tendency for slight to severe oedema/CEAP-classification C1 to C5.
• Deep venous thrombosis, postthrombotic syndrome with tendency for slight oedema.

Material components:
CCL 1:
25% elastane, 75% polyamide
CCL 2:
31% elastane, 69% polyamide
CCL 3:
37% elastane, 63% polyamide