Mediven 550 Toe Cap

‘highest wall of stability and unlimited variety – for oedema up to stage 3’

Product benefits
Toe cap with Clima Fresh: reliably prevents odour and colonisation by bacteria.
Unique top and bottom principle: Seams moved to the upper and lower surfaces of the toes in the direction of lymphatic drainage.
Lateral seams give every toe stability for an effective action.
Each single toe is made-to-measure.
Anatomically designed for an optimal fit.
Optional integration of medi lymphpads for additional pressure in lymphoedema of the dorsum of the foot.

Seamless Toe Cap
More reliable measurements. Care to suit the indication for optimum lymphatic drainage (no circular seams). Very comfortable to wear, without circular seams. Outstanding non-slip grip. Available in variants AD and AG.

Individual Toe Cap
Increased wall stability due to double compression garments for pronounced forms of oedema over the dorsum of the foot. Increased treatment compliance due to quick and easy donning. Individual care options, e.g. nightwear or combination with other product variants.

Seamed Toe Cap
Individual care possible if different compression classes are needed for the leg and toes.

• Lymphoedema of the forefoot and toes.
• Lymphoedema of the dorsum of the foot.

These indications should be seen as a recommendation. The garment model and the strength of pressure required, i.e. the compression class, depend on the diagnosis, the treatment site, the clinical findings and the patient‘s susceptibility to oedema. Please also consider the patient‘s individual requirements and circumstances (comorbidities, mobility, BMI, state of their skin and tissues, etc).

• Intolerance of compression garment materials.
• Sensory disorders of the extremities.

Material components
CCL 1:
23% elastane, 77 % polyamide
CCL 2:
25% elastane, 75% polyamide
CCL 3:
28% elastane, 72% polyamide