About Compression Hosiery by medi

Medi thinks venous health right through to the end. Your customers can rely on mediven products; they are tailored for maximum compliance to guarantee the best possible treatment success.

Medi has the right compression stocking for every indication. Mediven stockings are produced at a high-tech level for the highest wearing comfort and contain well-being properties. This is by far the most comfortable way to achieve medical efficacy. In addition, the wide range of mediven accessories makes treatment even easier.

Medi creates first class brand quality with that certain something: the medi concept factor.

There are many reasons for choosing mediven:

Soft Elastic
Even more comfort in wear thanks to the noticeable extra freedom for the toes in closed toe stockings.
Less pressure in the forefoot area.
Perfect Fit
7 and 10 size schemes for a perfect fit.
Precise compression with standard garments.
Optimum medical care conditions thanks to standard sizes.
Special Measurements to fit personal needs
Individual made-to-measure garments for severe indications, unusual limb shapes or for special characteristics.
Clima Comfort for compression stockings
Clima Comfort ensures comfort during wear. The technology is based on a special yarn which is enclosed in a variety of functional materials. These fibers rapidly wick moisture away from the surface of the skin.
This prevents an unpleasant feeling of dampness in the event of perspiration. The fabric is also particularly breathable. This ensures the best possible supply of oxygen to the skin which prevents it from drying out.
Clima Fresh for compression stockings
Clima Fresh prevents bacteria and micro-organisms from colonizing the fabric and thus, unpleasant odors are prevented.
The anti-bacterial effect is achieved by a special spinning process and not by a subsequent chemical treatment. Regular washing does not reduce this effect.

Textile Trust
Guaranteed hypo-allergenic and latex free.
Care Instructions
Wash your compression stocking daily
Mediven compression stocking can be washed in a washing machine at 40ºC on a delicate programme.
Only use gentle detergents for washing. Do not use fabric softeners as these can block the pores and cause matting of the fibers.
Never dry compression stockings in the sun or on heaters. Most mediven models are suit-able for drying in the gentle programme of driers.