Circaid Juxtafit Essentials Upper Extremity

‘inelastic compression garment for the arm’

Product benefits
Inelastic compression, easily applied with one hand.
Compression (10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40+ mmHg).
Juxtalock™ band system allows for easy and instant adjustability of product without removal.
Circaid® Built-in Pressure System™ (BPS™) guide card provides targeted compression ranges for improved results.
Designed to accommodate a 5% increase to 10% decrease in arm size.
Works great with elastic armsleeves, gloves & gauntlets as part of a complete compression system.

System Includes:
1 armsleeve, 1 black cover up, and 1 Built-in Pressure System™ (BPS™) guide card.

Please note: Undersleeves can be purchased separately if the patient has sensitivity in the elbow crease.

• Mild to severe lymphedema.
• Mild to severe lipoedema.