Circaid JuxtaCures

‘self management of compression treatment for venous leg ulcers’

Product benefits
Juxta CURES™ is an inelastic, instantly adjustable compression device that offers a simple and effective alternative to bandaging for the treatment of venous leg ulceration. It enables accurate, measured application of pressure to the lower leg to aid healing of venous ulcers.
It has a built-in pressure system that helps to ensure that consistent and measurable compression (20, 30, 40, or 50mmHg) is applied to the lower leg.
This built-in pressure system guide enables patients to be involved in their own treatment, as they can check the pressure levels themselves throughout the day and make any re-adjustments needed to maintain compression levels.
The fabric is made of latex-free Breath-O-Prene®, which is specifically designed to allow the skin to breathe. This, in addition, to being custom-built and available in three lengths, provides comfort. It is easy to don and doff, which again promotes self-care, patient empowerment and compliance.
Patients are also more likely to comply with compression treatment that is easy to use.
Its slim profile allows patients to wear normal shoes, which can help to encourage patients to return to normal levels of activity, which in turn has a positive impact on quality of life.
It is designed to be effective for six months of daily use and is machine washable (30º–40ºwash).

A multi-center product evaluation found that Juxta CURES delivered improved healing rates and faster healing compared to bandaging.