Circaid Compression Anklet
CircAid Compression Anklet gives light coverage to the foot and ankle. The Anklets can be worn with any Juxta-Fit or Juxta-Lite legging with or in the place of an Ankle-Foot Wrap. Sold as a Pair. 88% Nylon; 12% Elastane
  • CircAid compression anklets slip over the foot and wrap around the ankle to deliver mild compression and stability. Use this accessory as a comfortable alternative to high-compression socks, bandages, and stockings.
  • COMPRESSION: This anklet delivers gentle compression to add support while maintaining comfort levels. For added compression, use with circaid Lower Leggings or instead of the circaid Ankle Foot Wrap. Adjust compression levels by adding support.
  • DESIGN: This product slides over the foot like a sock to deliver stability to the entire foot and ankle. The design makes it easy to use and allows this item to deliver compression evenly to every area of the foot and ankle.
  • USES: This item helps with the treatment of lymphedema. The mild compression relieves swollen lower extremities while adding gentle, comfortable support to both the foot and ankle. Can be paired with other circaid products for additional support.
  • SIZE: The item is available in two sizes, standard and large, to provide full coverage for feet. The simple design works well for nearly any foot shape and size. It fits comfortably under nearly any type of shoe and allows free range of motion.